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  1. PinkQ

    losing stats

    Fix your internet if your internet have lag. For your account problems, if you play with the current account and feel comfortable you can still use it, for the old stats we cannot refund because there is no evidence in the form of screenshots. Sorry for your inconvenience, I hope you understand it.
  2. PinkQ

    losing stats

    Ok I will discuss a little bug about missing stats. Stats can be bugs due to several factors and the most frequent percentage of bugs that occur due to lag on your network or server. But it doesn't affect the account that has been registered, so I think your stats could be lost but account will not. And from your explanation that you re-entered the server and and you get the word "your account is not registered" Maybe you used the wrong name or it could have been that when you first registration there were problems with your internet network so that during registration your data wasn't copied by the database, I've also experienced this before.
  3. PinkQ


    Server is under maintenance, upgrade hosting and might change the ip too, the server has crashed many times due to maintenance processes, this could result in unwanted things that could happen like bugs, players might lose their stats so to avoid things unwanted server is temporarily closed until the update is complete. Sorry for inconvenience.
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