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  1. In game name: [PRO]Juice[SvT] New in game name: [PRO]Death[SvT] Clan name (leave empty if none): [PRO]Lowprofile
  2. Juice

    unbanned appeal

    Staff name: [PRO]Juice[SvT] Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 7/12/2019 Reason: Advertise Period: Permanent Evidence/proof:
  3. Ask H2O About Your Problem Maybe he can help You.
  4. Well , Server IP Is Edited : This is It : HostName: »••••• SWAT vs Terrorists [Updated] •••••« Address: Players: 7 / 100 Ping: 79 Mode: COD|SvT|GANG WARS|TDM|SWAT Language: English/Español/Russian/Brasil Try Now.
  5. Juice

    Host changed

  6. Hi , Please can you make me Admin here and give me admin role on discord ?

    1. Juice


      I'm Trial Admin In-game

    2. Swanson


      That is none of your business Saumonelle.

    3. Swanson


      Don't put your nose in things you have no clue about.

  7. Juice

    Ban Appeal

    I'm Assassin's Brother I'm Not lying On this , And i'm from Tunisia Too (You think that i'm Assassin Because we are using the same PC/IP) thanks Why You think that i'm Assassin.
  8. Juice

    Ban Appeal

    Ok i'll tell you the Truth , I'm really not Assassin But i'm Harry_Potter (assassin's brother and we have same ip/Same Pc)
  9. Juice

    Ban Appeal

    In game name: [PRO]Juice[SvT] Admin who banned you: [SvT]Blacky_ Reason of the ban: Ban evasion Is the ban expiring? No Screenshot of the ban : can't
  10. In game name: Juice New in game name: [PRO]Juice Clan name (leave empty if none): [PRO]Lowprofile
  11. https://youtu.be/5zEvXENpQl0 : this is the video after edits. Hope you like it don't forget to subcribe and like xD
  12. https://youtu.be/vGb4uN8EsTc this video is without edits and under development , people like it .. i hope you too like it