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  1. [SvT]Impulse has been promoted to Senior Administrator [7/18/2019]
  2. DarkZero

    please un BAN

    You shouldn't be banned. Please try to join again.
  3. Since there are no proofs against you you will get unbanned.
  4. It makes me pretty curious honestly that I banned you at 7:05PM (in my time zone) and you changed your cleo folder at 7:09PM. Can you maybe explain this?
  5. Staff name: [SvT]DarkZero Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 15/07/2019 Reason: Harming players (Aimbot) Period: 30days Evidence/proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uv65QjXIPw
  6. DarkZero


    Hello NigaNiga, please use the following format: https://forum.h2omultiplayer.com/index.php?/topic/12-staff-complaints-format-and-information/ Also please post in english. Thank you!
  7. I wanted to make sure there are no missunderstandings :)
  8. Looks like you or your IP is blocked from the server so it's shown as offline to you. And I recommend you not to use a VPN because you may run in danger to get a VPN IP that is banned ingame and your ingame account will get auto-banned too if you use a banned IP. I will ask the management about it.
  9. DarkZero

    Ban Appeal

    At least you seem to be honest finally. The management will decide what we gonna do with you now. Please be patient.
  10. DarkZero

    Ban Appeal

    Allright let's make it quick. We know why you got banned and you know it too. No need to say you have no idea. This is your very last chance to be honest. Use it, or I gonna ban you here instantly.
  11. DarkZero

    Ban Appeal

    Also you got warned (via /warn) by Queen and me 4 times. After three times you got kicked, came back and continued. You stay banned. Please wait till your ban has expired.
  12. DarkZero

    please unban

    You got banned by [SvT]Impulse for harming players. Pending @Impulse