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  1. Impulse

    Ban appeal

    One thread is enough for your information. In this case you only insulted me and i talked to you and you apologized, so i'll forgive you this time. This is your second and last chance, if i see you insulting anyone by their nationality or something else you will be punished. Unbanned, you may join the server again.
  2. It clearly says "New ip" Enter the new ip and you are done
  3. Impulse

    please unban

    Sorry for mistake i made, unbanned.
  4. Nice video but next time try using other programs for edit like Vegas pro or something like that. And on 10. "Professional kill" i wasn't even try to kill you, i was bored
  5. Impulse

    Server Commands

    Great work!
  6. The IP changed when you applied, is it a mistake?
  7. You are sure allowed to use VPN, but why did you use it and changed IP when you got banned? So i can think that it's a mistake? No, it's not.
  8. This cannot be a mistake, why did you use vpn tho?
  9. Staff name: [SvT]Impulse Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 3/7/2019 Reason: Ban evasion Period: Forever Evidence/proof: Proof 1: (You are getting banned) Proof 2: (Joining with Clean account)
  10. Impulse

    mistakes Ban

    Staff name: [SvT]Impulse Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 2/7/2019 Reason: Harming players Period: 30 days Evidence/proof: Proof 1: (Also your aimbot locked on your teammate in seasparrow in the first seconds of the video) Proof 2: (You shooted at him even if he was behind you)
  11. That's my aimbot i gave you
  12. Whoever reads this, he's gay

    1. DarkZero


      you had to read this while writing

    2. Impulse


      i'm 1% gay then, you're coming next :=)

    3. DarkZero


      fuck me

  13. Hey u have discord if yes then join official DS disco we are always active there. ? 

    Disco invite :-

    join before 24 hours or this invite will expire.