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  1. Sometimes It show That retreiving info but when you join it gets fixed itself . so i guess you should join .
  2. Thanks for Making the lag decrease . Appreciate that
  3. Rey_Mysterio

    Ban Appeal

    Why did u lie that u are from Egypt ?
  4. Rey_Mysterio

    Ban Appeal

    Harry_Potter is Assassin . I have proofs if you want And u said u are from Egypt and Assassin is actually from Tunisia. Now stop lying and tell the truth i guess u are wrong.
  5. Juice Left the clan , Thanks for VIP!
  6. Sent Rohail on discord
  7. Official Discord of SNC
  8. Juice Joined the Clan as KingOfKings at 7/8/2019
  9. You Insluted me and started spamming " I love you queen " And love quotes we said u to stop and its annoying but u started insulting you also used aimbot , ask killer
  10. All People who were in this tournament ( me and Juicde ) Submitted their videos i think you should announce the winners ? Sorry if i do something wrong @H2O
  11. Nice Editing. Sadly i have 32 bit thats why my editing was a bit bad
  12. Fateh's Signature is made by me :d
  13. ok i'll be waiting for the results its 1 am of midnight :/
  14. Ok i made one for Fateh Admin please lock i'll send rohail on discord