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  1. Renamed make sure to join with you new ig name.
  2. Name exists already choose another.
  3. Blacky_

    Unban Appeal

    Player is showing no interest in being un banned Denied and Locked
  4. Blacky_

    Ban Appeal

    Staff name: [SvT]Blacky_ Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 7/9/2019 Reason: Ban evasion Period: -1 permanent Evidence/proof:*.*&area=core_Dnames
  5. [SvT]Rey[SNC] has been Accepted as Trial Administrator on 7/9/2019
  6. Renamed make sure you join with your new ig name
  7. Blacky_

    BAN appeal

    The player was banned due to a typing error, My apologies you may join ig now.
  8. Blacky_

    Ban Appeal

    Spamming you own app wont get you un banned if you post another app it will be automatically deleted if you wish to get un banned you may buy un ban key. You are not allowed to post here so avoid posting stuff in admin related topics.
  9. Blacky_


    Sufficient proofs Stays banned.
  10. Blacky_

    Unban Appeal

    Staff name: [SvT]Blacky_ Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 7/6/2019 Reason: Period: -1 permanent Evidence/proof: We are dealing with numerous attackers now a days every funny person is a threat to us basically, with the permission of server owner i banned him because we were un comfortable with people like these who threat server.
  11. Blacky_

    Unban Appeal

    Read this and edit your application with proper Format within 24 hours or you application will be auto denied.
  12. Blacky_


    Sufficient proofs, Stays banned.
  13. @Glitched has been Hand Picked as Trial Administrator [6/28/2019] @Khaled has been Promoted to Supervisor [6/28/2019]