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    No abusé cuando te silencié. Lo usé porque el jugador te reporta por spam y molestarlo. No queremos que los jugadores tengan problemas en el juego, ya que están tratando de divertirse. Gracias!
  2. -Queen-

    please un BAN

    No one banned you, you lost connectivity. Please try refreshing your samp or restart your modem or just simply relog. Thank you!
  3. -Queen-

    please un BAN

    pleasebuse the correct format.
  4. My proof is corrupted, i crashed after trying to close my bandicam. So let's wait for the higher admins to decide. Thank you!
  5. You can't reply in someone's report. Thank you.
  6. -Queen-

    unbanned appeal

    Proof insufficient. Unbanned.
  7. -Queen-

    Ban Appeal

    Staff name: [Pro]Queen[SvT] Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 7/7/2019 Reason: Rude Behaviour Period: 3 days Proof: You keep on annoying me, when Killer7 and Rey told you to stop because i'm not joking anymore. keep on saying and i love you and some other things. But that's not the point anymore. Here are some of your insults to your fellow players. You are being racist and having disrespectful attitude calling them stupid.
  8. -Queen-


    Staff name: [Pro]Queen[SvT] Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 7/7/2019 Reason: Harming players Period: 30 days Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA9YVNcoUSc In the first part of the video, your aim is following the player's movement. You saw the player, and aim directly at him, but suddenly he hide behind the wall and your aim followed as well as your bullets, fortunately he hide while you shot, so the bullets hit the wall. Another thing, only one bullet missed. As for the second one, the player you killed is using speed hack. Solid hits, you will see the player's health and armor drop down in an instance considering he was using speed hack. How come your bullets followed him?
  9. -Queen-


    I know what to do lol.
  10. -Queen-


    Kindly provide the screenshot of your cleo folder and gta folder, no crop.
  11. bakit ka nag resign whyyy

  12. Tonight, we hunt! Walk the killer's path because a true hunter never rests. There's the hunter and the haunted. Whose head shall we take? One by one, the scent of prey. Prey: Slayer Beast (DS Leader) - 50K + 50XP [DS]R3KT - 40K + 40XP Ohgeesy - 40K + 40XP [MW4]Lightning - 30K + 30XP Jehandad_Khan[DS] - 30K + 30XP [A]ssassin[DS] - 30K + 30XP Bonus: 1) Eliminating 1 specific target (means you will choose 1 target to kill) for 10times at the same hour will give you extra 70XP and 50K 2) Elimating them through headshot (50XP × 50K) 2) Eliminating them with knife (40XP + 50K 3) Eliminating them with Nutshot (30XP + 30K) Method: > Post your screenshot here with your IGN, Target's IGN and the weapon used. (Deathlist) > Post your screenshot of Nutshot, Knife kill, headshot and 10 times kill. The Hit List is now being handled by [eD]Quee n.Aeie[MW4], [MW4]P3pSy[eD] and [eD]H2O[MW4] El Diablos is unstoppable during Death Defied. Careful now, Diablos have your Blood Scent. Stay awhile and enjoy your Tempered Fate.
  13. The Tramps is now opened. Again. Join Us by applying. For those who are accepted, kindly message me in Discord so I can invite y'all in our own Discord channel. Pretty Aeie (Queen of OBR)#5498