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    [SvT]DarkZero has been promoted to Supervisor [7/7/2019]
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    [SvT]Epiphany has been accepted as a Trial Administrator [7/18/2019]
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    At least you seem to be honest finally. The management will decide what we gonna do with you now. Please be patient.
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    Nice video but next time try using other programs for edit like Vegas pro or something like that. And on 10. "Professional kill" i wasn't even try to kill you, i was bored
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    NEW FEATURES - Throwable knives have been improved (Use /cmds > Shortcuts for more info.) BETTER SYNC - Invisibility will be disabled out of the battlefield (in death-match, duels...) - The option to disable UI will now work properly in newer sessions - Dynamite will no longer vanish when the placer disconnects/respawns IMPROVEMENTS - Details have been added to some of the important client messages - Color scheme has been changed SECURITY - Upgraded server dependencies - Fixed the server crasher exploit GENERAL FIXES - Audio stream after (assisting in) capturing was not played - Inspector/Recon class headshots were giving only 20 damage points - Modernizer commands without parameters were not working
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    [SvT]Impulse has been promoted to Senior Administrator [7/18/2019]
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    [SvT]Rey[SNC] has been removed as a Trial Administrator [7/16/2019] [PRO]Juice[SvT] has been removed as a Trial Administrator [7/16/2019] [SvT]DarkZero has been promoted to Assistent Manager [7/16/2019]
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    im congfused cuz im ban reason = harming players? dark 0 is the admin yes the ban is expiring but cbug allowed in dms?= +C ?????????????????????????????????????????? right anyone?????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Welcome to H2O Gaming Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    I wanted to make sure there are no missunderstandings :)
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    I didnt tell to join in-game buddy !, I told to join in samp and refresh the server then see its state. I wanted to get sure the server didnt block him .... .
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    Looks like you or your IP is blocked from the server so it's shown as offline to you. And I recommend you not to use a VPN because you may run in danger to get a VPN IP that is banned ingame and your ingame account will get auto-banned too if you use a banned IP. I will ask the management about it.
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    Ask H2O About Your Problem Maybe he can help You.
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    It clearly says "New ip" Enter the new ip and you are done
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    - Restart your mode/router. - Reinstall your samp from its website (redownload). - Check your connection in you pc, turn your proxy off if it is on. If you still have this problem share your problem with H2O.
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    Well , Server IP Is Edited : This is It : HostName: »••••• SWAT vs Terrorists [Updated] •••••« Address: Players: 7 / 100 Ping: 79 Mode: COD|SvT|GANG WARS|TDM|SWAT Language: English/Español/Russian/Brasil Try Now.
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    Welcome to H2O Gaming Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Allright let's make it quick. We know why you got banned and you know it too. No need to say you have no idea. This is your very last chance to be honest. Use it, or I gonna ban you here instantly.
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    [SvT]Rey[SNC] has been Accepted as Trial Administrator on 7/9/2019
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    Renamed make sure you join with your new ig name
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    In game name: [SvT]Nothing New in game name: [PRO]Nothing[SvT] Clan name (leave empty if none): LowProfile [PRO]
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    Juice has been selected as the winner, congratulations! The rewards will be given tomorrow 14PM EEST. Thanks for participating!
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    SWAT vs Terrorists Platinum VIP Contest Are you a SWAT vs Terrorists SA-MP player and have interest in making videos for the server? Now we have a contest for you. So here is it, you have to make a cool video in game (edit it a bit if possible) and publish it on YouTube then leave a link below. You may make a trailer or a game play video (showing some of the server features is a bonus). This contest will end in 3 days and the winner's video will be posted on the official server advertisement on the SA-MP forums, and their name will be written above it, and will be rewarded Platinum V.I.P and an optional offer to join the Community Media Team. Reply with your video below (using your YouTube channel), the selected video will be pinned in the media forum. Go!
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    Spamming you own app wont get you un banned if you post another app it will be automatically deleted if you wish to get un banned you may buy un ban key. You are not allowed to post here so avoid posting stuff in admin related topics.
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    Nice Editing. Sadly i have 32 bit thats why my editing was a bit bad
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    [SvT]StoneCold has resigned as a Supervisor [7/7/2019]
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    Welcome to H2O Gaming Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Read this and edit your application with proper Format within 24 hours or you application will be auto denied. https://forum.h2omultiplayer.com/index.php?/topic/13-ban-appeals-format-and-notes/
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    I created a new clan @Ezio
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    INVENTORY - Organized inventory items, now items in /inv will no longer be displayed with gaps between items - Dropping items through /inv will now drop only one item of the same kind and not all of them - Items on the left column (nearby items) will now be displayed properly (accurate items detection) - Modified the existing UI for inventory OTHER - Removed the outdated hints from the random messages - Removed the bridge roadblock between VIP base and USA - Increased the first spawn loading time to 7.5 seconds - Defusing dynamites process will now be instant and will reward 1 BP - Medkits will now recover full HP and not 75.00 HPs only - If the healing process is interrupted, health will not be reset - Medkits cooldown will be reset if the healing process is interrupted - Medkits will now be usable with any HP below 100.00 - Made the healing process more realistic - Made the use of armour kits more realistic - Organized the displayed statistics in /stats - Replaced F.C. Gas zone with "Medical Center" - Fixed a bug that resulted in some stats not being saved
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    Welcome to H2O Gaming Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Hi, you are unbanned seems like you were banned by me but I don't have any videos on you, most probably you were banned by mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
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    -I recommend that to use " Corel Video Studio ", Its filters, Tools and ....... , Are powerful . It is really useful too, Good job .
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    Good one for first try but I recommend you to use another video editor. I recommend the good old Windows Movie Maker because it's easy to use for newbies. If you have Windows 10, there's a video editor installed already called "Video-Editor". If you have Windows 8 or older, you should try to get Windows Movie Maker instead.
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    You have 24 hour to edit you application with the correct format, or your application will be denied.
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    Do you know that cbug isn't allowed?
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    SWAT vs Terrorists Server Commands Since some commands are not documented, I decided to write the server commands and their purpose. General Commands /help - View useful information regarding various server features /objectives - Know more about what you can do in game /register - Have an account registered in game if you don't have one already /updates - View the latest update's change logs /toprich - Display players with the most cash /topkills - Display players with the highest kills /topdeaths - Display players with the highest deaths /tophs - Display players with most headshot kills /topns - Display players with most nutshot kills (in DM) /topscores - Display players with highest score /topkdr - Display players with the highest kill/death ratio (Please notice that the /top* commands are showing the top in game players and not the overall top players) /admins - Display the currently online administrators /forum - Display the community forums URL /afks - Display the players whom are away from keyboard /challenge - Display the currently active challenge /dm - Display the current death-match arenas /dmers - Display the players whom are in death-match arenas /elist - Display players whom are in an event /pubgers - Display players whom are in the PUBG event /duelers - Display players whom are in a duel /qdm - Leave death-match arena if you're in one /ww - Join the Walking Weapons death-match arena /rw - Join the Running Weapons death-match arena /sdm - Join the Sniper death-match arena /mg - Join the Minigun death-match arena /rl - Join the Rocket Launcher death-match arena /ft - Join the Flamethrower death-match arena /rc - Join the RC Baron (remote control plane) death-match arena /zm - Join the Zombie death-match arena /tw - Join the Tank Wars death-match arena /bdm - Join the Bunker death-match arena /nuke - Check nuclear availability and time left to be available if unavailable /ctf - Display the current Capture The Flag zone if CTF is started by an administrator /mstop - Stop streaming audio/music played by the server /radio - Display the radio stations /streaks (alternative: /sprees) - Display the available kill streaks /ep - Spawn a parachute, useful if you're falling or jumping from a high distance /rules - Display the server regulations /zones - Display the server zones that players can capture /bounties - Display the current players who have bounties set on their head /bonus - Display the current hitman player/bonus zone if there is any /ranks - Display the server ranks and know your progress /teams - Display the server teams /vips - Display the currently available Very Important Players /vcmds - Display the VIP packages and their commands /race - Start a race event by yourself /lbs - Start a Last Bed Standing event by yourself /castle - Start the castle derby event by yourself Player Commands /st - Switch to another team /sc - Switch to another class /sp - Change your spawn place (to a zone, or clan base, or reset it to your own base) /vshop - Access the V.I.P shop if you have V.I.P coins /changepass [new password] - Change your account password /streak - Display your own kill streak /usetag - Attach the clan tag to your nickname /rank - Display your own rank /tr [message] - Talk in the team radio /pm [id] [message] - Send a private message to a player /r [mesage] - Reply to the last player who messaged you privately /missions - Display your own missions of the day /myachs [optional player ID] (alternatives: /achs or /achievements) - Display all the achievements and the ones you unlocked yourself /block [id] - Stop receiving messages from a particular player (saved for future sessions) /unblock [id] - Unblock a player whom you have blocked before /local (alternative: /l) - Talk to players whom are close to your location /sendmoney [id] [cash amount to send] (alternative: /sm) - Send an amount of cash to a specific player /setbounty [id] [bounty value] - Set a bounty on a player's head /hud - Toggle the User Interface on or off /settings - Manage your account settings /laser - Toggle weapon laser on/off /duel [id] [bet] [rematch] [rcduel] - Send a duel invitation to a player /noduel - Stop receiving duels from other players /lasercol - Adjust your laser color /backup - Request backup /respond - Respond to a backup request /day - Change your own time to daytime /night - Change your own time to night /evening - Change your own time to evening /edithelmet - Adjust your helmet on your current skin /editmask - Adjust your gas mask on your current skin /editdynamite - Adjust your dynamite on your current skin /toys - Toggle weapon toys on/off /wine - Drink wine (applies drunk animation for over-drinking) /tutorial - Get to know more about the server features if you haven't before /edittoy - Edit toys that are currently attached on your body /rmtoy - Remove a toy that is currently attached to your body /shelter - Open your shelter's menu if you bought a shelter /takekeys - Take shelter keys from a specific player /giekeys - Give someone access to your shelter /mykeys - Display your shelter keys /buyparrot - Purchase a parrot /pwords - Train your parrot to say some words /opencrate - Open a crate if you received one /harvest - Harvest weed (job) /ewatch - Watch players whom are in an event Inventory Commands /helmet - Toggle your helmet on/off /mask - Toggle your gas mask on/off /inv - Display your inventory Clan Commands /ccreate - Create your very own clan /cdelete (deprecated) - Delete your own clan /claninfo - View your clan or other clan's information /ckick - Kick a member from your own clan /ockick - Kick a member from your clan, who is not online /cskin - Set your own clan skin (for leaders) /clanperks - Purchase and manage your own clan's perks /accept - Accept a clan invitation /cleave - Leave a clan that you are part of /clans - Display the currently top clans /cmembers - Display clan members list /cmon - Display online clan members lst /clan - Manage your own clan (for leaders) /csetrank - Set a member's clan rank /csetleader - Set a member as your clan leader /cinvite - Invite a member to your clan /cdonate - Donate to the clan wallet /cwithdraw - Withdraw money from your own clan's wallet /cw - Plan a clan war (Leader permissions) /joincw - Join a clan war /cwstart - Start a clan war that was planned already (Leader permissions) /cwend - End a clan war (Leader permissions) /clanranks - Display the clan ranks list and know more about the clan ranking system /clanpoints - Know more about the purpose of clan points and how you can earn them /cweapon - Set a special on-spawn weapon for your clan members /c - Speak in your clan's private chat /cann - Advertise a message for your clan in the general chat (Leader permissions) /resetskin - Reset your clan skin if you set one (Leader permissions) /clogger - Display logs for your clan members and their activity Special Commands /airstrike - Call for airstrike /drop - Drop a care package from a Nevada bomber /fixantenna - Repair a broken radio antenna owned by your team /mk - Use medic kit to recover your health /ak - Use armour kit to recover your armour /heal - Heal a player /repair - Repair a vehicle /pb - Plant bomb (dynamite) on the ground /spy - Disguise another team /locate (alternative: /loc) - Find where a specific player is /nospy - Stop disguising a team if you did before (using /spy) /jp - Spawn a jetpack /attack - Switch to SWAT Attack division /defend - Switch to SWAT Defense division /support - Switch to SWAT Support division /fr - Fire/explode a vehicle you're in /camo - Activate camouflage for invisibility /classes - Display a list of classes /divisions - Display a list of SWAT Divisions /bank - Open the bank dialog if you're near a banker /atm - Open the ATM dialog if you're near an ATM /rob - Rob a nearby safe (robber job) /pickup - Pick up trash from a nearby trash container (trashmaster job) /theme - Play the server's intro music Animation Commands /handsup /drunk /bomb/getarrested /laugh /robman /crossarms /lay /hide /vomit /wave /taichi /piss /deal /crack /smokem /smokef /sit /chat /dance /fu /wank Default Shortcuts (SWAT) Rope rappelling from helicopter - Y KEY (SWAT Defense) Defusing dynamites on the ground - Y KEY Emergency eject from dead vehicles - Y KEY Grabbing nearby enemy helmet - Y KEY (Terrorists) Activating base balloon - Y KEY (Scout Class) Using flashbang feature - Y KEY Picking up and looting items - N KEY Dropping weapons on the ground - H KEY (One Time or Golden VIP) Throwing knives against players - LMB + ANY KEY Reply below if you do not understand a specific command or need any help related to commands, thank you for reading.
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    Sufficient proofs, Stays banned.
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    Staff name: [SvT]CO2 Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 27/06/2019 Reason: Cheating / (Teleporting and vehicle Health Hack) Period: 7 days Evidence/proof: Proof#1 Proof#2 Comments on The Proofs : In The first Video you See him crashed in two buildings and after i used /dl i found his Hunter's Hp 1000 ( Full HP ) and in the second video you see that he Teleported to move his hunter from the stucked place and when i used to explode his hunter it didnt effect it. Comments: I was spectating you since yesterday and i noticed that you were driving a car and there was a guy beside you, you teleported to Vip base and the passenger who was beside you in the car killed him but i didn't record that, That made me focus on you more then i got you today Using vehicle HH and Teleport again. I request to perm ban this guy to be a lesson for him because he lied instead of saying the truth and to be a lesson for everyone who tries to do like him. And i also request to punish that guy who was covering him and instead of reporting him to us he used to kill players with him.
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    @Glitched has been Hand Picked as Trial Administrator [6/28/2019] @Khaled has been Promoted to Supervisor [6/28/2019]
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    You did confess that you have TP hack am I right ? No matter what you use it for.
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    Staff name: [SvT]Blacky_ Issued date (DD/MM/YYYY): 7/9/2019 Reason: Ban evasion Period: -1 permanent Evidence/proof: https://forum.h2omultiplayer.com/index.php?/modcp/&tab=ip_tools&id=549 https://forum.h2omultiplayer.com/index.php?/modcp/ip-tools/&ip=196.179.*.*&area=core_Dnames
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    Rec_Hawk has been handpicked as a Trial Administrator [7/7/2019]
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    i removed my tp cleo is there any problem for unbanning me ?