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  2. what i won july 14 ? hihah! when??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  5. [SvT]Impulse has been promoted to Senior Administrator [7/18/2019]
  6. [SvT]Epiphany has been accepted as a Trial Administrator [7/18/2019]
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  8. hello everyone ill be back to play after 6 days . thanks


  9. -Queen-


    No abusé cuando te silencié. Lo usé porque el jugador te reporta por spam y molestarlo. No queremos que los jugadores tengan problemas en el juego, ya que están tratando de divertirse. Gracias!
  10. [SvT]Rey[SNC] has been removed as a Trial Administrator [7/16/2019] [PRO]Juice[SvT] has been removed as a Trial Administrator [7/16/2019] [SvT]DarkZero has been promoted to Assistent Manager [7/16/2019]
  11. Sh.EHSAN

    please un BAN

    no problem Modem REstart Samp REfresh
  12. Sh.EHSAN

    please un BAN

    I (Sh.EHSAN) and friend me (MOR) We were no reason banned. id ( Sh.EHSAN ) & id ( MOR ) please check
  13. In game name: TUNGSTENIO New in game name: TUNG$TENIO
  14. Welcome to H2O Gaming Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  15. In game name: Ankit_mad New in game name: Knight_king Clan name (leave empty if none): [AVG] Avengers
  16. [SvT]Blacky_ has resigned as a Assistent Manager [7/15/2019]
  17. -Queen-

    please un BAN

    No one banned you, you lost connectivity. Please try refreshing your samp or restart your modem or just simply relog. Thank you!
  18. DarkZero

    please un BAN

    You shouldn't be banned. Please try to join again.
  19. -Queen-

    please un BAN

    pleasebuse the correct format.
  20. Since there are no proofs against you you will get unbanned.
  21. My proof is corrupted, i crashed after trying to close my bandicam. So let's wait for the higher admins to decide. Thank you!
  22. Insufficient evidence. Despite the fact it is fishy that you edited the cleo folder I'm gonna give you the benefit of doubt cause I can't tell if you're using aimbot with this video. Take note that we watch people all the time, and if you still get caught with clear evidence you will receive a permanent ban.
  23. DarkZero please joined TS3
  24. i dont changer i dont have aimbot omg
  25. It makes me pretty curious honestly that I banned you at 7:05PM (in my time zone) and you changed your cleo folder at 7:09PM. Can you maybe explain this?
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